This story goes more in depth into the life of shady before he met Penny, Bolt, and Mittens.


"Get out, and stay out you mangy fur-bags!" Yelled a mean man who was standing on the porch of his house. He was tall and thin, from first glance he wouldn't seem harmful, but his heart was as sour as a lemon.

The box of kittens landed on the ground with a hard thunk. They were all terrified about what had just happened. There parents were dead, not a chance that they weren't, and now they were alone on the streets. They could barley walk as they crawled out of the dented box.

The three kittens stared at each other, having no idea what the were suppose to be doing. "Well we can't go back there." the largest kitten said, he had ratty black fur with brown spots on the tip of his ears and tail.

"I don't think I ever want to go back" said the only girl kitten, she had similar markings as the oldest kitten but with orange around her face. "Those people were mean, did you see what they did to mom and dad Shady."

"I saw what they did.", The oldest cat retorted back, "and I would prefer not to talk about that." He said in a stern voice, "ok Amanda?"

"Yes Shady." The young girl kitten replied.

"Have any idea where we are." asked the all orange kitten.

"No clue Mal, but we need to find shelter, agreed." He said staring at Mal and Amanda


More coming soon