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Summary: Edit

Cloud isn't used to being tied up and being a pet. She realizes life isn't easy, even more with Timmy being young. Despite knowing this, she decided to run off, but what happens what she gets caught in the pound with no collar?

Story: Edit

Cloud lay down on the couch, watching as Timmy and Frostbite play fetch. Her tail wagged ever so slowly until it stopped.

"Frostbite! Cloud!" Timmy's mother called, making the two dogs perk their ears. "Kibble! Timmy, dinner's ready for you too!"

Timmy smiled and ran to the kitchen. "Come on Frostbite!"

Frostbite wagged her tail and followed after him.

"Huh?" Cloudwhispered, jumping off the couch. "Wait up!" 

Timmy began eating his soup as Frostbite and Cloud walked to their bowls.

"I love being a pet, Timmy, you, and his mom are so nice!" Frostbite barked, beginning to eat.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool," Cloud agreed, nodding and beginning to eat. Though, she still wasn't used to being one.

After dinner, Timmy's mom let the two dogs outside.

"Cloud, look! Careful! There's a hole in the fence," Frostbite warned as Cloud jumped around the yard, nearly hitting herself on the fence.

"Huh?" Cloud flicked her ears, looking right in front of her as her paws stopped. A thought of running away came into her mind. 

"Cloud! Frostbite! Time to come in!" Timmy's mom shouted.

Cloud looked behind her and saw Thunder, Bolt, and Mittens walking over. 

"We have guests!" Frostbite yipped, her tail wagging slowly.

"Yeah, I don't think you've met them. Tell them I'll be in in a second..." Cloud trailed off, looking at the hole.

"Okay Cloud," Frostbite assured and walked inside.

Once Cloud was sure Frostbite went inside, she jumped through the fence. 

The sun was setting. Great. Why was this a good idea again? She began walking down the empty streets, alone and a bit scared. Couldn't get any worse huh? 

Rain began pouring down, thunder booming and lightning striking.

Cloud yelped and jumped back, terrified. So it could get worse. She ran and ran, but got stuck on something.

"Oh no!" She howled, trying to get outof the situation. "Help!" After some twisting and turning, Cloud yelped as she got unstuck and fell from the impact. "What happened?"

The now collarless mutt whimpered and got up, a small scratch on her paw. Though it hurt really bad, she continued onward. What she didn't know was her collar wasn't on.

The streets seemed different at night-With little to no people on them and no cars. Cloud didn't see anything she knew, or smell anything she knew.

Lightning struck a nearby tree, making Cloud yelp and run forward. Her fur was soaked and she finally managed to find a place to hide, in a trashcan in an alley. 

The dog shivered with cold as she lay down, putting her front paws over her eyes. Thunder boomed and her hairs rose. She had her ears pinned to her head, whimpering lightly. She wasn't scared of storms, but she was alone now! Terrified, Cloud hid herself deeper.

"Why didn't I stay...?"  Cloud whispered, her tail going between her legs. She moved her paws and looked up at the stormy night sky. "Night Frostbite, night Timmy. I'm not sure if I can find my way back."

Was this what Bolt and Thunder and Mittens felt like? She didn't like it, not one bit!

Cloud eventually closed her eyes, falling asleep.


"Cloud!" Timmy called as he wBalked outside in his PJs. Frostbite was by his side, barking her friend's name.

"Where are you?" Frostbite howled, looking around.

"She hasn't left you, has she?" Thunder asked, flattening her ears. "She'll come back?"

"I don't know Thunder," Bolt sighed, shaking his head as he sat next to his mate. 

Thunder sighed, closing her eyes.

"Timmy, it's late. We'll look for her tomorrow, when the storm's past." Timmy's mom grabbed her son's hand, leading him inside.

Frostbite whimpered as the door closed and jumped through the dog door.

"Timmy, I know how you feel. This is how I felt when I lost Bolt," Penny said, petting her dog.

Bolt whimpered, looking up at her.

Timmy rubbed his eyes, tears slowly falling. "Night Penny."

"Night Timmy. We'll help tomorrow," Penny promised. "Come on you three."

Mittens looked at her owner and followed a bit later then Thunder and Bolt.

Frostbite walked after Timmy and went in her dogbed, looking at the window and she put her head on her paws. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed, which made Frostbite gasp and think about where her friend was.

"Goodnight Timmy..." She trailed off and closed her eyes. "And goodnight Cloud."

She fell asleep quickly.

Timmy woke up the next morning, jumping out of bed and looking outside.

Cloud was yet to be there.

"Frostbite..." Timmy whispered, waking his dog. "She isn't back."

Frostbite whined and walked over, putting her front paws on the wall for her to look out the window.

Penny, Thunder, and Bolt walking over and houses was the only thing she saw.

Frostbite sighed and sat down, her ears pinned.

-With Cloud-

Cloud woke up to a dog growling at her.

She gasped and jumped to her paws, knocking over the trashcan.

The dog stopped growling and just glared at her.

"Is this your territory?" Cloud asked, backing up.

"Yes, and I don't like mutts like you in it!" The dog snapped, baring his teeth.

"I'm sorry! I'll leave right away!" Cloud barked, turning around.

"Not without a fight!" The dog howled, about to attack.

"No! Wait!" Cloud whimpered, jumping out of the way. The dog managed to sratch her side, making her gasp and perk her ears. 

"Get out!" The dog howled.

Cloud yelped and ran off, fear blazing in her eyes.

She panted heavily, whimpering as she ran faster.

"Aha!" A new voice, deep and a bit surprised and angry, growled. "What is a collarless dog doing out here?"

Cloud stopped and looked up, seeing a dogcatcher looking staight at her. But, he couldn't be talking to her, she had her collar! Did she?

The dog catcher stepped forward, swinging his net at her. She had no time to escape as she was picked up. 

"Uh-oh..." She whimpered, her ears pinning to her head.

She was thrown in the back of the truck and sighed, sitting down.

Cloud closed her eyes. "Why did I do this?"


Timmy sighed, looking at his dog play with his neighbor's dogs. Penny was right next to him, comforting him.

"Penny, I miss her!" The thirteen year old bit his lip, looking at the.girl next to him.

"Yeah, I know how you feel," Penny reassured, patting his back. "She'll come back. I promise."

Timmy groaned, putting his head on the table. "Hopefully."

He got up.

"Mom, can I take Penny and her dogs out to look for Cloud with me and Frostbite?" He asked, smiling very softly. 

"If her mother says yes," Timmy's mom agreed, nodding. 

Timmy nodded and grabbed Frostbite's leash.

"Here girl!"  He muttered.

Frostbite walked over, ears perked.

"We'll find her Timmy... I promise, I don't know when... But we will!" She barked, feeling the leash clip to her collar.

"I doubt it. She's left you," Thunder disagreed, rolling her eyes.

"We're helping Thunder, besides Cloud isn't the type to do this at all." Bolt shook his head, watching as Penny stood up.

"My mom already said I could help earlier, so let's go!" She exclaimed, smiling softly.

The two 13-year-olds walked out of the house, their dogs at their heels.

Frostbite felt her leash taken off when they passed the fence.

She wagged her tail lightly and sniffed the air.

"I can't scent her. I told you she left you!" Thunder cried, pinning her ears back.

"No, Thunder look!" Bolt howled, running to a bush. He stuck his head in and came back out seconds later with a familiar collar loosely on his snout.

"Cloud's collar!" Timmy gasped, taking it gently from the dog as he brought it closer. "She was here! Good boy Bolt!"

Penny smiled.

"We're a step closer!" Thunder smiled, wagging her tail.

"We are a step closer, but where is the next? Her scent is too faded for us to follow it," Frostbite sighed, lowering her tail.

"True, but we can guess she went forward," Bolt countered.

The three canines looked at their owners, waiting for them to decide where they want to go.

"Let's go this way..."Timmy trailed off, his hands on the collar. "She would go that way."

Penny nodded and began walking. "Hopefully we find her!"

Timmy nodded, glancing at his neighor and fumbing with the peice of leather in his hands.

"I was about to give her a new cloud-shaped tag," he sighed and walked forward. "You three lead the way."

Bolt wagged his tail and bolted ((pun intended)) forward, Thunder and Frostbite at his heels.

Timmy and Penny dashed after them.


Cloud sighed, lowering her head as she was entered in a cage. 

"This was a stupid idea," she whimpered, sitting down. She perked her ears, realizing her pose was impolite and sat with her head up.

Another dog next to her, about her size, lifted his head. He had amber eyes and black perked ears. He looked a lot like her, but he had perked ears instead of semi-perked and the amber eyes. He wore no collar, just like her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, yawning.

Cloud yelped, jumping up and turning around.

"I..I ran away," she confessed.

"You had a home?" The dog growled. "And you ran from it?"

"Well, t-they won't miss me! Even if I miss them! Besides, I wasn't used to being tied up for more than a week!" She admitted, her tail between her legs.

"Wait a second..." The dog stood up and sniffed her. "I knew you sounded familiar!" 

"Uh?" Cloud tilted her head.

"It's me, Rain?" The dog asked, his tail wagging. "You've grown little sis!"

Cloud stared at him. "Rain...?"

"Yeah, remember?" Rain asked, sitting down.

Cloud remained silent and shook her head.

"Storytime!" Rain barked.

"Race ya to dad's pack!" Young Rain howled, his black and white tail wagging.

"No way Shadow's winning!" A young Crow, the oldest of the litter, growled.

"Speaking of the useless runt, where is she?" Young Rain asked, looking ahead at his two older and One younger brother run near the beginning of a forest while their father, a big gray and white husky mix, watched.

"I'm not useless!" A squeaky voice snapped as young Cloud, who was named Shadow at the time, came from behind her father's tail. "So stop calling me it!"

"I-I was the meanest to you," Rain said, interrupting the memory.

-Work in Progress-

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