" Taco fetch " ! Jessica said throwing a frizz-bee .

Taco barked in excitement .

Jessica throw the frizz bee in the bush , Taco chased it .

Taco graved it and took out of the bush and came face to face with a golden muzzle and looked up and saw a golden dog that had two color eyes .

" Hey , pipsqueak that's my frizz-bee " the golden retriever mix said rudely .

" uh  no , this is my owners frizz bee , she throw it into the bush so I could get it " Taco said smartly .

" aww , your owner is a girl " Luna said .

" you got a problem with that bozo " Taco asked .

" why because you let a girl boss you around ha ha " Luna laughed .

" Taco !" Jessica called worried .

Taco barked in lunas face and ran to Jessica with the frizz-bee .

" Were did you go buddy ?" Jessica said holding him and walking to the car with her mom .

" * ruff *" taco barked .

" well at lest your safe " Jessica said .

It was the day after he meet Luna , Jessica went to school with penny and her mom is at work and Taco is at the house all alone sleeping in his bed , until he head a noise , it sounded like a crashing sound , Taco use the doggy door to go outside ,in the back yard , he head a call for help , taco went under the fence and ran to the next door house that no body was home in and saw the fence fell on Luna .

" Help me some one " Luna cried .

" Oh , its you " Luna moaned .

" Yes it me to help you " Taco said proudly .

" Let me go get my friend blot,  to help me " Taco said .

" brb " Taco said running. .

Taco got bolt and told what he needs and they raced over to Luna .

" Man , I wish the super bark was real , I could just bark at the fence " bolt said helping taco lift up the fence .

" There we go seya taco " bolt said .

" Bye thanks " Taco said .

" Thank for helping me , I'm sorry for treating you poorly yesterday " Luna said .

" Accepted " taco said .

" I would like to be your Amigo" Luna said .

" sure thing " Taco said smileing .

" Here comes one of your owners cars " Luna said .

" well I better get back into my back yard like nothing happened " taco said .

" See ya " Taco said running back and going under the fence of his house .

" See ya too , bye " Luna sighed .

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