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Beta is a streetwise smart alecy pup. She is very fast and smart, and is usually always seen with Bolt. She is very brave and would jump in front of a car to save those that she loves. She loves the thrill of a rush of danger and sometimes looks for trouble. She has a crush on Bolt.

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Beta is also a American white shepherd, but she has darker colored ears, front paws, and tail tip. Her eyes are blue.

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She had been Bolt's greatest friend on the TV series and in real life. She also thought that it was real, and was equally loyal to Penny. When she got 'captured' She joined bolt on his big adventure. She didn't like Mittens at first, but warmed up to her. She seriously HATED Rhino when he joined, and was always growling at him. After they got captured by the dog catcher, Beta was able to sympathize with Mittens. When they got out, she enjoyed feeling what a real dog feels like. She didn't want to leave Mittens, but she knew she had to make sure Bolt got to Penny okay. When she saw that trick with the dog that looked just like Bolt, she refused to believe it. She raced in the building to help Bolt save Penny. She got lost in the building, but when she heard Bolt's 'Super bark', she was able to find him. They were all then rushed to the hospital, where Beta, Mittens, and Rhino joined the family.

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  • She loves to get wet.
  • She loves to run around and get messy.
  • She is very sensitive when it comes to her past.

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