Bull is a male Jack Russel Terrier pup and Hope's younger brother. He belongs to XxVampwolfiexX otherwise known as Vampwolfie on DeviantART.

Appearance Edit

Bull is a Jack Russel Terrier pup with brownish orange eyes. He has a rusty back with is connected to his front legs. He also has a large rusty spot on each haunch, along with one spot on the back of his undocked tail and tip of tail. Bull has two dark brown ears that are folded to the side, brown paw pads and four light gray spots on his underbelly, two large and two small.

Personality Edit

Unlike his sister, Bull is very nervous and shy. He hates to be the center of attention, often backing out of things he'll say he do. When you befriend him however, Bull is very softhearted and kind, ready to sacrifice his life if a friend or family member gets hurt.

Bio Edit