Carter is one of the members of the S.U.P.E.R Organization. You have to ask before you use her.


Very optimistic, kind and ditzy, Carter is still pretty much a puppy at heart, even though she's a full grown Dalmatian. She dislikes most humans but will except food from them. She loves to annoy Bae with her non-stop questions and sayings, like "Oh my dog! I just saw a death before my eyes!" (mostly, she says this if a moth is hit by a car). She can get confused often and isn't a good fighter, but technology is more her style.


Carter is a black and white spotted Dalmatian with a heart-shaped print in the middle of her chest. She has dark blue eyes and wears an indigo collar with a little fish accessory dangling from it.

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• She's mostly noted as "the wittle puppy dog" by Dingo. It's all in fun, though

• She tends to forget the stupidest things sometimes, her name for instance, and usually asks one of the other dogs what she was supposed to be doing


Ellen DeGeneres (Dory in Finding Nemo and the upcoming sequel, Finding Dory)