Appearance: Edit

Cloud is a black collie/husky mix with a white muzzle, underbelly, and socks on her paws. She wears a red collar with a pink heart-shaped tag, but a few months later, her owner Timmy puts a cloud-shaped tag on her collar Later on. Her left ear is straight, while her right ear is semi-perked. She has light blue-green eyes.

Personality: Edit

Cloud is a sweet and shy dog. She's very polite, and scared easily. She's a bit naive about everything, worrying over everything Bolt and Mittens and Penny do. She's soft-spoken and motherly, and very caring and protective. She doesn't have high hopes of getting a forever owner, but loves Timmy and Penny to death. She's selfless and gullible, and even though she'll let someone be rude to her all they want, but if you mess with her friends, let me tell you, you're going to have a bad time. 

Bio: Edit

As a pup, Cloud was adopted and abandoned many times. She got so used to the streets that she just preferred them. On day when she was Bolt's age, she was exploring the streets when she bumped into Bolt's home. Penny had left out some of Bolt's food out, and Bolt and Cloud met when Bolt found his toy next to the bowl as she was eating. After she discovered he had run off, Cloud looked for him until she bumped into Mittens, Thunder, and Bolt halfway through the journey.

After Thunder, Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino got to Penny, Cloud was adopted by the next door neighbor and visited her friends every day.


-Cloud lives right next to Penny's house to a boy named Timothy (Timmy or Tim)

-If she gets angry, she doesn't raise her voice. She never does, but she will lash her tail as a sign of anger. However, she will calmly tell the pet or stray that's bothering her to not do that and will walk to Timmy.

-After a few weeks, a new dog named Frostbite joined the family and she and Frostbite got close quickly.

(IF PUPPY STILL AGREES. He and Cloud were once together, but I'm not sure now. I'm just adding it because I never did, but if it's a no, I'll delete-She has a crush on a close friend of Bolt's and they soon get together and have four beautiful pups

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