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After a, finally, restored Socks asks Mittens if she would like to start over and start a family, Mittens is resentful, at first, but eventually gives in and has six adorable bundles of joy. Two girls and four boys.

Future Generation: MittensXSocksEdit

Although Mittens was reclutant at first to start a family, Thunder talked her into having one, due to her and Bolt having pups of their own. She eventually gives birth to six kittens. Angel, Rueben, Beanie, Pigeon, Liberty and Parker.


Angel: TBD

Rueben: TBD

Beanie: Looks exactly like Mittens, but his two back paws are black with his dad's eyes

Pigeon: TBD

Libery: TBD 

Parker: TBD 


Angel: She seems like an angel to you when you first meet her, but like Cyclone and Twister, she's a ball of trouble! She knows her way around and is very good for having people do her bidding, except her parents and Thunder, but it works wonders on her brother Parker

Rueben: He surprised both his parents. Rueben is closer to "Uncle" Rhino, loving to chill with him and watch TV. He tends to stick closer to mom and Beanie, due to his love for pranking the both of them, bur Beanie gets him back a lot

Beanie: He's more like his dad, excepthe loves praking Rueben and vise versa. He loves to get dirty, but prefers not to get cleaned up

Pigeon: She craves attention! Pigeon loves to tease and chase country pigeons and her boundless engery never runs out, which is why Thunder calls her "Rascal"

Liberty: He loves to let Gem chase him up a tree and bark at him constantly, due to her love of chasing cats. He tends to wander off on his own a lot and loves a trip to the pet store

Parker: He loves to help his sister, Angel, out with doing her bidding, following her everywhere non-stop. He tends to stray from her to play with Windi, though

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  • Rueben was named after Rueben from Stitch! The Movie, Lilo and Stitch the series, the Stitch! anime and Leroy and Stitch
  • Angel was named after Angel from Scamp's Adventure
  • Pigeon was a crazy name I came up with, since Mittens loved torturing the pigeons when she lived on the streets
  • Birth in chronical order: Pigeon, Angel, Parker, Liberty, Beanie, Rueben
  • Pigeon is a big fan-girl. Her idol is, ironically, Windi and she loves to watch her acting games with Rhino