Fire the border Collie mix

Based on the movie , Fire is an actor and his super power is shooting ice and fire out of his paws , when bolt dose his super bark , Fire helps him with shooting out ice or fire  , he knows that it is fack but in his normal life he wishes that he could use it to chase away the annoying dogs that bother him , when he's on break before a show he likes to hang with his his girlfriend Snowy , his normal owner is named Landon , but in the cartoon its Jackson , Landon was the one who created the fact that he can shoot out fire and ice .

personality in the show and out of the showEdit

In Show 

hes partners with bolt and he's courages and smart and slick and sly and is the enemy of his girlfriend Snowy , he knows how to run things .

out of show 

Playful , outgoing , sweet and loves to chase cats but not Mitten since she's bolts friend , he's sneaky sometimes .


He has blue eyes , and has red and grey spots on him and has a big brown circle around his right eye and has grey socks on all of his legs but his front left leg and has little red socks on all of his legs , he has a moon on his chest that resembles him his ice paw is as cold as the moon and since the moon is black the fire that he shoots will make things black .

please keep all of his spots in place !!!!!!!


Even though in the show his girlfriend Snowy  is his enemy , they still love each other .

When fire is working out a film the paw that shoots out ice is on the left and the one that shoots out fire is on the right .

They named there kids Flash and Zommer .