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Finally, Missy puts Christopher in the past and turns to Riolu. The two become mates, and finally have Puppens. First born (and only girl) Jessie, then Lucario, and finally little Pumpkin.

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Jessie: Jessie is very smart and fast. She likes to play fight and go on little adventures. She is a Tomboy through and through. She loves getting messy and running around.

Lucario: Lucario is a rebel. He likes doing his own thing and spaces himself from his parents. He feels like no one understands him and that he has no friends. He is usually always sad, and a little harder than he has to be. Lucario doesn't want to live the life of a pampered pet and instead chooses to go out into the streets.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is very playful and hyper. He is very innocent and sweet. He loves to be scratched behind the ears and be loved on. He has a high pitched bark that could break glass. He has a habit of chewing on anything he can get his mouth around.

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Jessie: Jessie looks sort of like a cat-dog mix. One ear is completely strait while the other is half cropped. She is a silver color. She has ashy grey striped on her back and tail. Her tail is thin and long. She has longer whiskers that are a little bit more noticeable than other's whiskers. Her eyes are Brown.

Lucario: Lucario looks exactly like his father in every way. The only main difference being a crescent shaped mark on his right shoulder.

Pumpkin: Both of Pumpkin's ears are half cropped. His eyes are hazel. His fur is smokey Brown with ash colored ears, muzzle, and front left paw. the rest of his paws are grey. his tail is fluffy and more dog-like, but still has a hint of cat. His whiskers aren't very long.

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Jessie: Sapphire

Lucario: I don't think he ever will.


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  • Jessie is afraid of Cars
  • Lucario is afraid of being his true self.
  • Pumpkin is afraid of getting caught when he does something bad.
  • Jessie has a blue bejewled collar.
  • Lucario is happier as a stray.
  • Pumpkin's favorite game is hide and seek.

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