Icecube is a Bolt-the-Super-Dog OC by BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Breed: Icecube is a male, all white American Eskimo dog with ice blue eyes, a regular shaped body - not too skinny, but not muscular either. Somewhere in the middle- healthy condition, but can sometimes grow a thick layer of fur.

Personality: Icecube is a friendly dog who tries to be nice to others. He can be curious, funny, playful, and sometimes just plain silly. He enjoys making friends and playing with others or playing on his own. He also likes getting petted and getting hugs. He is a sensitive dog, and can get offended easily or afraid that he hurts others. He also enjoys being silly, which causes him to sometimes think or say random or confusing comments or thoughts.

History: Icecube was born with three other dog siblings. Icecube is the only member of his siblings to stay in the same home and with the same family he was born into. All of Icecube's other siblings got adopted. He lives in the same neighborhood as Bolt. Icecube got his name because of his fur and eye color, and the fact that he enjoyed playing with ice cubes.

Likes: Making new friends, playing with ice cubes or anything cold, the Season of Winter, playing in the snow,

Dislikes: Getting ice cubes stuck to his tongue or mouth, being too warm or too cold, getting into trouble