Chapter 1: Bolt's New Neighbor

  • I only own the ideas for the story and the OC character Icecube. Bolt characters, places, events, movie titles, ect. belongs to Disney. Bolt, All Rights Reserved.*

The sun shined bright as Bolt lied down on the couch watching Mittens the cat play with Rhino the hamster in his clear plastic ball. Everything was normal; the birds were singing, warm weather, having fun with friends, that moving van parked down the street... Wait, a moving van? That wasn't there before.

"Hey Mittens, do you know why that moving van is there? ... Oh my gosh! Are we moving away?! Why didn't someone tell me!?" Bolt said before he started to panic.

"Keep your fur on Bolt. We are not moving. A new family moved in a couple of houses down the street. I think they might have a dog too or something," Mittens replied back looking at Bolt. Suddenly, they heard men getting items out of the moving van and putting the items in the house.

"Are you sure? I'm going to go check..." Bolt said nervously, getting up.

"I'd wait if I were you Bolt. They seem pretty busy..." Mittens responded as the group watched items being taken into the house.

"Oooooohhhhh! This is exciting!" Rhino exclaimed with excitement.

"Yeah, but I wonder if they have any pets?" Bolt said. Not a minute too soon, a dog came out of the house and was running around, chasing an ice cube on the pavement on the sidewalk near the house.

"Does that answer your question?" Mittens said to Bolt sarcastically.

"Yes. Hmmmmmm. Have we seen him before? He looks familiar..." Bolt said watching the dog.

"How on earth do you know the dog is a guy?! it could be a girl dog!" Mittens replied back as they watched the dog play with the ice cube like a hockey puck.