liveing in her House with just her mom , Jessica was always sad because her father past away of a  Herat disease , she was lonely and only wished that she had a brother or a sister of any age until her bff penny gave her the best birthday gift of all , a cute little puppy named Taco , it was her 8th birthday when Penny gave her Taco  , taco is like a sibling to Jessica , they always loved each other , when Jessica was at school she would always draw sketches of her , her mom and Taco , and has them on her bed room walls , taco and Jessica were friends forever .


She's sweet and kind , very shy when around others ,  always has a smile on her face , loves to play tag and hide and seek .She has a fear of her mother getting sick like her father . She loves to go swimming .


She doesn't have a lot of memories of her dad , he died when she was about 5 mouths .

She's born about one week before penny .

She meet penny in 1st grade , because they were table parents .

Every birth day when Jessica blows the candles on the cake she will wish for her father to be watching over her forever .