Jubilee is Greyhound/ Labradoor mix and is a stunt and actress puppy. She is owned by WittleFuzzyPuppehs


Jubilee, or "Lee Lee" as she prefers to be called, is a care free and fun loving pup. She loves being outdoors and always has fun running around and getting dirty outside. She loves to go adventuring and looking for trouble. On set, she takes her job very seriously and hates when others are messing up scenes. She can be a bit bossy at times but is generally a very kind and bubbly pup.


Jubilee is a tall, lean greyhound, lab mix. Her coat is a golden brown colour, with a few white and darker brown patches here and there. She has a brown patch over her left eye, on her two front paws and back right paw and her tail. Her back left paw, right eye and muzzle are white, along with the tip of her tail.


As a pup Jubilee lived as a lone stray, and spent most of her time running from other, older dogs. She was rejected by her parents for being the runt pup. She became an actress pup after running onto a movie set trying to evade an angry stray. One of the young actors saved her from the dog and took her in as their own, she soon began acting alongside her new friend.


Voice Actress



Fun Facts!

  • She has a crush on Bolt and Thunders pup, Twister.
  • Shes afraid of heights and bees too.


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