This is justa short story involving my wondetful friend, Tundrathesnowpup's OC, Thunder, in this short story based on thepart where Bolt decides to find Penny by himself.


Thunder slowly strided up to the black and white cat she knew so well.

"Mittens..? You ok?" Thunder asked, concern welled up in her voice.

"He's..he's gone..." Mittens sighed.

"Who's gone?" Thunder asked, tilting her head a bit.

"Bolt went to go find Penny...alone...." Mittens sniffled, "he still says that she's different".

"It isn't real," Thunder objected, "she's obviously like all the rest. They'll act like they want you, but then put you in a box and leave you on a street corner.  Same old story..."

Thunder began to walk off.

"Where are you going?" Mittens asked.

"Going to talk some sense into that dog!" Thunder grumbled, tears welling in her eyes.

Mittens just sat there and waited for her companion. She knew that the dog had something important to do, and she didn't want to stop her from doing it.

"Bolt?" Thunder called out to the American white shepherd, "can I talk to you?"

"What is it, Thunder?" Bolt armed, tilting his head.

"So," Thunder growled, "you're gonna go find your Penny, huh? You were gonna leave us behind!"

Bolt was taken aback. "N-no. That's not true, Thunder. You guys can all come and stay with me and Penny! She'll love all of you."

"Yeah," Thunder replied, "until she abandones us! You don't know what it feels like to be abandoned, 'cause you never were!"

Bolt's ears drooped. "But, Thunder I was just..."

The upset German shepherd cut him off. "No! Just...forget it, Bolt! I know you were gonna forget about us when you're reunited with Penny, so why not start now?!"

Still upset, Thunder began to walk off, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Thunder, wait!" Bolt called. 

Thunder looked over her shoulder at Bolt. "What?"

Bolt began to speak. "I'll...never ever forget you guys, but...would you take care of Mittens and Rhino for me?" 

Thunder gave a soft shrug and nodded.

"Thanks," Bolt said, smiling softly, before turning around, a sad gleam in his eye.

Thunder stood there, watching Bolt walk off for a few minutes, before walking back to Mittens and Rhino. 

When Thunder arrived in the city, she went back down the alley behind the restaraunt the four of them spended the night at. She saw Rhino barriling towards her, chanting something.

A few seconds later, she saw Mittens slowly follow him.

"Where are you going?" Thunder asked. 

Mittens looked her in the eye. "Bolt needs us."

Thunder was touched. "He needs us..?" 

Mittens nodded and raced after Rhino.

Hesitant at first, Thunder follwed behind the two animals.