Leroy is one of the side antagonists in Bolt: Apocalyptic.


Leroy is a darkish cocoa brown with a white muzzle, white "socks" on all four of his paws, two taller in the back, chest, part of tail and two dots above his eyebrows. The tip of his tail is a light silvery gray. He has a darker cocoa brown patch over his back, ears and around his muzzle. His eyes are a light sky blue. He wears a black collar with a round silver dog tag.


Cold, distant and a bit of a jerk, Leroy was once a pet, but had ran off after his owners moved away. Part Sheltie and husky, Leroy now lives with Volt, Bolt's older brother, plotting revenge against the S.U.P.E.R Organization.


Leroy never had anyone that cares for him. He was all alone from when he was two weeks. He lives by himself in an alley behind a Fuddruckers burger joint inside a large box with an old couch cushion that he found lying around. He will share his food with stray puppies scrouncing about for scraps, but older dogs would have to find their own. When he was found by Volt and a few of his minions, he obliged to being Volt's second-in-command.

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  • He was a stray
  • His father was a Sheltie, while his mother was a Siberian husky
  • His only friend is Volt


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