Lilian is a beagle Chandler gave me.

Appearance: Edit

Lilian is a beagle that lives near Bolt and Penny. She is also a dog movie star. Lilian is white with a two big black blobs on her back that have brown rims. The start of her tail is black with brown rim too, and it is connected to her blob. Her ears are chestnut and make her have a mask on her face. She has soft, warm brown eyes. Lilian wears a pink collar with jewels on it and a flower tag. She's usually wearing some dog-clothes like dresses and such.

Personality: Edit

Lilian seems like a snobby, spoiled, little brat, but she's really sensitive and sweet. She may seem like a brat, but really, she hates acting the way she does but the other dog she lives with makes sure she acts rude to Bolt and Thunder, and mostly Cloud and Frostbite. She seems to hate dirt and hate doing work, but she really does love getting messy and loves to help. She is very gullible and naive, but when with Princess or the dogs/cats (hamsters in Rhino's case and birds in birds' cases) she's the opposite.


Lilian was born with two older brothers, two older sisters, two younger brothers, and one younger sister. She may be a mutt, since her father is unknown. Her mother was a showdog, until she died of chocolate posioning. Lilian was given away since she looked most like her mother. Her siblings were given away too, but to homes much closer to their real home while Lilian was sent on a plane. As a pup, Lilian was taught to be a proper actress dog. Princess (page coming soon) taught her everything and is very protective, but makes sure Lilian acts like a stuck-up brat.

Lilan hates acting the way she has to, but never can apologize to Bolt or anyone. She does love acting, but really she hates being snobby and stuck-up. She can be very confused about real dog things, kinda like Bolt. 

Trivia: Edit

-She lives right across from Bolt

-Lilian prefers to go by Lilly

-She actually hates the clothes and collar she has, but doesn't dare say it

-She lives with a German Shepherd named Princess

-She's not really friends with Bolt or the rest but one day, Cloud found out the real her and they became friends.

-After a bit, she became friends with all the pups around her, much to Princess' disgust

-Once Lilly became friends with the dogs and pets around her, she still wasn't taught how to be a real dog

-She doesn't get why Thunder goes nuts over chew toys

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