Lucy is a white Samoyde who lives next door to Gem. She has a crush on Whirlwind
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Lucy is a white Samoyde with silverish freckles and a indigo purple collar with a silver tag with her name on it. She also has lavender eyes with a small, curled tuft of fur on her head.


She's a big picky eater, but that won't deter her determination and spunkiness. She absolutley adores Gwen and loves getting Jenna in trouble by making Shillouette track mud in their house. She finds Bolt and his pups extremley fun to be around.


Lucy was born in a puppy mill, right after her father was shot and her mother was hit by a car, so she had to be the mother of countless puppies, until a little girl came and took her away from the awful place. Lucy now spends her time on walks, trying to walk on fences like Shillouette does, and getting down and dirty with Twister, who butt heads on rare occassions. When she met Whirlwind, they both developed a crush on each other and spend most time with each other more than anything.


  • She has a crush on Whirlwind
  • I DID ask Tundrathesnowpup permission if I could make her a crush for Whirlwind
  • She loves getting muddy and dressing up

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