luna is own by Eva1234dog


Luna is a very independent and like to do things alone , he knows the streets like the back of his paw , he doesn't mined to chase cats , for some reason he has a fear of Mudd , no one knows why but , he is scared of Mudd . he likes running , he's best friends with Taco and likes to hang with bolt  , and he loves to take baths and be brushed .He meet Taco in the story : A new amigo .

appearance Edit

He's a golden retriever mix and is all yellow and has two scar's on his leg and has two different colored eyes , witch are brown and blue .

triva Edit

His names means moon in Spanish .

I  named him after my uncles dog .

He my first oc on this fanon .

I know Luna is a girl name .XD

.voices Edit

Child : runt from alpha and Omega .

Teen : scamp 

Adult : Tramp 

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