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Maka always keeps her chest out and her head held high. She is a sweet pup, but has very high standards and it takes alot to impress her. She's very loving and kind, but is a bit serious. She has a soft spot for puppies, and just can't say no to them. She is usually very calm, but if you start pressuring her or get on her nerves, then she will get snappy and sassy. She is very loyal to her street pack.

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Maka is an exotic breed of shepherd. Her fur is a orange salmon color. But her ears, muzzle, and paws are a fiery red orange ocassionally seen on peaches. She has a beauty mark on her muzzle. She has a tanish cream band around her paws and muzzle. Her eyes are green and she has no collar.

In future gen she gets a pretty green collar

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Family Edit

Gord: father

Kira: mother

Dash: mate.

Nikki: daughter

Autumn: son

Ella: daughter

Winter: son

Dara: mother in law

Ice: father in law

Bolt: brother in law

Thunder: sister in law

Cirrus: nephew

Cyclone: niece

Twister: nephew

Whirlwind: nephew

Kaia: niece

Misty: niece

Windi: niece

Mystic: sister in law

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Dash: best friend/Boyfriend/mate

Coke: best friends

Cola: best friends

Vinnie: best friends

Vortex: best friends

Kiki: best friends

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  • She is the second in command of her street pack.
  • She has a crush on her leader Dash, and she loves him with all her heart. They later become mates and have four pups. Two boys, Autumn and Winter, and two girls, Nikki and Ella.
  • She loves to sing and will do so occasionally.
  • She is an only pup, but does have a step-brother.
  • She loves her nieces and nephews to bits
  • When she becomes pregnant, Dash realises that the streets is no place for a pregnant dog so he goes looking for a home. They later settle down with a family of four with two kids, a girl and a boy, to take care of her.

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When can I see you again