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Max Travolta in appearance.

Max Travolta is known as Bolt's brother and has a dog cousin named Ace  who is a pilot/flying dog. He is brown spotted with white fur and several spots of brown fur on him which are found on his head top, tail tip, and his paws. He has green eyes and a huge red slash on his back which many artists confuse as a cape. He is a sensitive dog who loves thunderstorms and would sit and watch them as they happen. Sometimes even not wanting to do anything else besides that. He is also a very nice and caring dog who, if he tries, understands other peoples' feelings.

Biography Edit

Max has been known to have such a stressful life. When he was born, he was separated by his brother and ended up with a owner who was terrible. He moved on to try to find a new home and hopes one day that he will meet his brother. As his journey progressed he did once fell in love with a blue and black german shepherd named Misty who admires and loves his bro. However that ended quickly when she didn't love him back and he tried his best to move on. Currently, now, Max works as a police dog with a police officer to hunt crime. He is good at his job and continues to work on it to this day.


  • As stated, Max does love thunderstorms despite the fact that during his life one severely damaged his family home. It knocked down a tree which terribly damaged part of that home.
  • Max does have a red slash despite many artists confuse it as a cape. It, however, does resemble a cape even though the intention of it being there is unknown.
  • Max is very different colored than Bolt. This is quite unusual and special.
  • Max doesn't get much recognition as being Bolt's brother. He does hope to see his family all over again.
  • Ace and Max are doing common jobs as dogs. Bolt got more recognition as a TV star than the jobs they are doing.
  • While Bolt's past job gave him more recognition, you could say that Max's job is similar to Bolt's old role in his Tv show.Bolt was fighting bad guys to keep Penny and his family safe and Max is stopping bad guys to keep the town safe.