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Millie is a sweet yet hyper puppy that lives next door to Bolt, Mittens, Thunder, and Rhino. She is like Rhino by the fact that she is one of Bolts biggest fans. She and Rhino are especially close. Millie likes to tease others about secrets and often pushes them over the limit. But she's just so cute and sweet... no one can stay mad at her long! She and Rhino will sit together and watch the new series of Bolt for hours. Millie may be annoying at times, but shes a genuine friend when you need one. She is a very good listener and understanding. She and Rhino have made a club for 'Superdogs' called the S.D.S.S. The Super Dog Society and Sidekicks. It's a club for pets that want to be Super dogs and Sidekicks and go on pretend missions. She and Rhino are one such team, Rhino is known as Super Squeak and Millie as Black Hawk.

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Millie is a Husky-German Shepherd mix puppy. She is silver with chocolate colored ears, underside of tail, and top right paw. her muzzle is a light chocolate color that goes all the way down to her underbelly and bottom base of the tail. both left paws are also light chocolate color. only her bottom right paw is the regular color. Her tail is fluffy and curls like a huskies. Both ears stick strait up. Her eyes are sea blue. her collar is light green.

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  • Millie wears a black costume when in 'Black Hawk' mode.
  • She and Rhino are the two leaders of the S.D.S.S
  • Millie loves to tease Christopher especially in his love of mittens.
  • She has a crush on Rhino.
  • Millie loves Rain. and any kind of water for that matter. She actually likes getting clean
  • Millie loves Ginger and Lilly when they end up living with her. They instantly become good friends.
  • She ends up having four Pupsters; Dusty, Ziro, Kira, and Windra

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