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Missy is very devious and crafty. Like Mittens, she is good at bending creatures to her will. She is mean and nasty to all but those she wants to appear nice too. She has a crush on Christopher and constantly tries to make him hers. She is a bully and often teases and makes fun of other pets, mainly Millie. Missy is Mittens old rival, she was known as Gwendolyn back then. Missy strongly dislikes Mittens and Thunder. She tries to mess up their lives, but often fails.

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Missy- known as Gwendolyn- was in the city longer than Mittens and Thunder. She had started the food conection way back when she was a kitten- creatures bring her food for protection. When Mittens and Thunder went on the streets, Gwendolyn constantly was stealing food from Mittens. Then Mittens challenged Missy and won. All the creatures that had given her food turned to Mittens. Humiliated and starved, Missy struggled to make a living. Then she was taken away by the dog catcher and taken to the pound. there, it would take a few years, but Gwen was finally adopted and renamed Missy. She was taken to the same neighbor hood as Mittens. There she met Christopher, and right after that, her old rival Mittens. Missy is determined to make Mittens life as miserable as possible to make up for what she did to Gwen those years ago.

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Missy is silvery with four dark grey stripes on her back. Her collar is turquiose and her eyes are a soft shade of green.

Trivia Edit

  • Missy is a brat to most other pets in the neighbor hood
  • Her owner is a dark haired girl named Stella
  • After Christopher and Mittens have kittens, Missy has a grudge against Chris.
  • She has found no other love life yet.