Jolt and Bolt have their first stepsibling night out! ^^

The Story Edit

Jolt kissed Alex to sleep, her tail thumping quietly against the rug before slipping outside to her doghouse bed. Yawning, the dog tucked in her paws, covering them with her tail before relaxing under the big, white moon.

Crunch, crunch. Jolt flicked her ears, tail raising, instinct sensing an intruder. Crunch, crunch. Standing up, outside her doghouse, she looked around, tail tucked in but ears perked. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. The pup whipped around, teeth now bared She ran to the door, snarling quietly, defending Alex and her parents. Spotting a rustling bush, her eyes narrowed and before the dog knew it, her paws were moving.

"Youch!" Bolt yipped, finding himself pinned underneath the growling and drooling Jolt. Startled by herself, Jolt tucked in her tail. "Oops! I-I'm sorry Bolt, I just-...." Laughing, her stepbrother tackled her, "No worries Joltie!" Jolt smiled, slipping from Bolt's grasp, "So....anyway what'cha doing so late in the night?" Bolt grinned, "That's exactly why I'm here....since we never actually had a proper you wanna tour the streets with me?"