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Pearl is Bolt's cousin. She is a bit of a diva, and a movie star. She is very good at acting, and very snooty. She only likes Purebreds and views all others as filthy mutts not worth your time. Save for a certain Mutt that stole her heart; Peridot. She doesn't like Mittens, Christopher, Rhino, or Millie. She can deal with Lemon and Hannah just fine though, since they are purebreds. She is actually very good friends with Missy. She lives just out of the neighborhood so she can't visit very often.

appearance Edit

Pearl is a American white shepherd and is as white as snow. Her fur grows a little longer around her ruff. Her eyes are as blue as ice. Which is very fitting since they usually have a cold look in the eyes. She usually wears a little tanish gold boa around her neck and the ocasional sun glasses is seen on her snout. She has a beauty mark on the left side of her head just above the lip.

Voice actors Edit

young Pearl:

Teen/adult: Pearl:

Trivia Edit

  • Pearl mates with Peridot and they later have puppies.
  • Pearl is very dramatic.
  • Pearl is also very persuasive.

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