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Riolu is gruff and a little harsh. He rarely smiles and is often quite serious. He's also a big bully. If you have something he wants, he'll push you around to get it! Riolu is very manipulative, and often uses other little dogs or cats to help him. Riolu is the toughest pup on the street they say. His one big enemy is Peridot. He admires Missy, and has a crush on her. He is often trying to get her to like him, but usually doesn't succeed. It's sort of like the Mittens and Christopher relationship.

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Riolu is a big bad dog. He is a German Shepherd-Shnouser-Husky-Newfoundland-Lab mix. He is Ash colored and his chest is smoky brown. His snout is a lighter shade of ash and actually makes him look attractive. His ears are almost black. His paws are a mousy grey color. He has three scars on his Chest, and one slashed on his snout. His nose is brown-black. His eyes are hazel colored. He has no collar.

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Riolu wasn't always the harsh dog that he is now. Riolu was given his name by a ten year old boy who adopted him. The boy always told him that he was named after the boy's favorite poke'mon. The boy and Riolu were best friends and played together often. Then one day, Riolu woke to the smell of Smoke. He barked and barked, trying to wake up his masters. Soon the smell of smoke was so strong, he had no choice but to get out of the house. He got outside ans there were people in yellow and red trying to spray water on the fire. When it was over, Riolu waited patiently for his master at the house. He had seen them take his boy away in a white and red car. Day after day he waited, scarcely eating and drinking less. But his boy never came. After a month, Riolu had no choice but to leave. Riolu then went from house to house, but each house only brought more pain. And soon, he gave up trying to find a new home and settled on the streets. He swore he wouldn't let anything back into his life. But that all changed when he met Missy.

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  • Riolu still hopes in finding his master.
  • Riolu is afraid of fire.
  • Riolu and Missy end up having three puppens.

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