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Lemon and Honey's pups are playing with Millie and Rhino's Pupsters and Chris and Mittens Kittens.

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Gumball was racing back in front of the door in excitement.

"Are they here yet?! Are they here yet?! Are they here yet?!" He cried. Honey giggled as she watched her son. Lola wrinkled her snout.

"Stop it Gumball!" She said softly, but feircly. Gumball slides to a stop.

"I just can't wait!" He cried.

"patience is a virtue." Lemon said in a tone that suggested this wasn't the first time the words had been spoken. Just then, the doorbell rang. Ariel, Honey's owner, hurried to the door.

"Hi!" She said as Penny and Milenia came inside. They were each carrying cages. Inside were animals. First one out was Mittens and Chris with their six kittens; Sparky, Midas, Rose, Lilly, Ginger, and Tron.

"Hey!" Lilly said to Gumball. The pup was blushing. Suddenly he didn't feel too hyper.

"H-Hi Lilly..." he mumbled. Just then, Pop tumbled in. Ginger padded strait over too him.

"Hi Pop!" She said. Pop blushed even harder than his brother. He felt even more clumsy and small than usual.

"Hi Ginger..." he said smiling nervously. Next out was Mille and Rhino with their four pupsters; Dusty, Kira, Ziro, and Windra. Right away Ziro, Sparky, Kira, Lilly, Midas, and Gumball grouped together. Dusty trotted over to Rose.

"Are you excited for next week?" He asked her.

"What's next week?" Rose asked curiously.

"It's the next episode of Dusty the wonder dog series . And your in it!" Dusty reminded her. Rose's eyes sparkled. Pop, Lola, Tron, Ginger, and Windra went off to their own quiet little corner.

"Would you guys like to hear the latest song I'm working on?" Lola asked them. Ginger and Windra nodded. Pop and Tron looked at each other grinning. Lola couldn't contain her anticipation.

" If I sing a song, I expect you to sing along. If I put a smile on your face, i expect you to ring the bong of love. Nothing, no nothing could keep me away from you. Because I'm all alone, and it's sad, and it's Scaa-a-ry. But when I'm with you, my heart begins to mend. It bends, to your will. Because i want to make you happy, I want to make you glad. Your smile lights up my whole world, and makes it better.

will start soon...

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