info Edit

the Super Dog Society and Sidekicks is a group for all manner of creatures to come be the heros and sidekicks of their dreams. They each have their own super hero name and often go on 'Missions' around the block. It is led by Millie and Rhino.

members Edit

name-Super Hero name- Rank in S.D.S.S

Millie- Black Hawk- leader

Rhino-Super Squeak- co-leader

Lemon- Big bang- Normal member

ask to join...

missions Edit

The first Mission (Rhino and Millie only)

trivia Edit

  • The SDSS still goes on when they are adults, and it is still led by Millie and Rhino. Millie never loses this part of her, and Rhino does it to make her happy.
  • Second gen. pups can join too. (or Puppens, or Pupsters, or kittens, or what ever)

gallery Edit

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