The S.U.P.E.R Organization is a group of dogs assembled by Shooter


Shooter: German Shepsky, Leader

Opal: Alaskan Husky, Bravest

Rain: Mix breed, Trainer

Carter: Dalmatian, Technologies

Dingo: Australian shepherd, Fighter

Bae: Border collie, Medical assistance

Finnick: Mix breed, Security

Laika : Golden Retriever, Watcher

Prim : Alaskan Malemute, Plant Identification

Annie: Crain terrier, Secretary

Spirit: Pit Bull mix, Runner

Salem: Mix breed, Watcher

Buddy: Black Lab, Protector

And an assortment of agents around the U.S.

Fanon Appearances

Stories By Me

Island of Darkness

Stories By Others



  • Watchers: Watchers are the special agents that are able to hack into any database. Most notably Onyx's
  • Medical Assistance: Basically the EMT of the Organization. There are many of these in different states, but the most recognizable is Bae
  • Protector: This job is fairly simple. Protectors usually have owners already and make sure that Bolt or any of his friends are safe. They're found all over the U. S. and are notably Retrievers
  • Runner: This job is extremely tough. Runners do the hard work of the Organization, fighting off Onyx's henchmen and evil-doers
  • Security: Before Finnick found his way to the group, there was no Security. When he stumbled upon the security cameras in the Recording Room, he noticed three large dogs sneaking around and immediately sounded the alert. Since then, the Security has always been there for the Organization, thanks to Finnick
  • Plant Identification: This skill is used for when the Organization is unfamiliar with certain plants that could be dangerous
  • Bravest: This job is mostly recognized by Opal, since he usually does the dangerous work
  • Trainer: This job is usually for newbies that need assistance in ju-jistu
  • Fighter: This job is for missions concerning Volt, but Fighters are actually very useful against sudden attacks

*The dogs have so many members they can't be fitted on the page, lol

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