I adopted Shillouette from Chandler on deviantart



Shillouette drawn by Chandler

Shillouette may be a pure bred kitty and have a pedigree, but she is far from acting like it. She is free spirited and likes to do her own thing. She loves running around on the streets, and even has a crush on an Alleycat. (Much to the horror of her mother Jenna ) She hates to be fussed over and avoids it when ever possible. Shillouette loves to be free and dreams of one day escaping from her collar and running free. Shillouette is closer to her father a jet black cat named Jangur.  She is very daring and likes to take risks. She doesn't mind getting dirty, and does so often.


Shillouette is a dark smoky grey- almost black- color. Her chest is white. Her nose is cherry pink and the insides of her ears are bubblegum pink. Her blue collar hangs down sort of looking like a medal.


  • she has a twin sister Gwen.
  • She has a crush on a Alley cat named Tony.
  • She is very good friends with Mittens, Bolt, and Rhino.
  • She is often scolded by her mother
  • She is afraid of being trapped in this domestic life forever.

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