Shox is a retired T.V. star from the Show Electro and Shox: Shocking Team. She currently is living on a ranch with her owner Jamie and Electro.


Shox is an orange feline with a pink nose and a black tipped tail. On her back she has a black lightning bolt on her back. She wears a blue collar with a golden tag and she has green eyes.


Shox is a calm little cat that enjoys being beside Electro. She loves adventure as well, and will help those who need it. She loves exploring with Electro and finding new things in the fields. She does tend to go to a specific tree in the yard though and relax in the sun. She likes relaxing on a bed or as said in the sun. She loves sunbathing or chasing after mice in the fields.


Shox was adopted by Jamie from a neighbor whose cat had kitten's. He chose her because of the mark on her back and how friendly she was. As soon as Electro came into the picture she was so friendly and would sleep by the young pup, not showing any fear of him either.

She was enthusiastic when she found out they made it into the T.V. business and made it into the show. She loved it, but every star has their end. She was happy to soon go back home and relax after their final season. She sometimes isn't a fan when their own fans finds out its them and will follow them constantly asking for a Pawograph.


  • She is terrified of the sound of strong wind blowing
  • She has a squeaky mouse she enjoys playing with
  • She loves to cuddle in laps of people and have them pet her
  • She loves curling up on Electro's back or next to him in his bed
  • Cough* She might have a crush on a certain golden husky *Cough*
  • She and Electro hook up soon enough and fall in love becoming mates and a few months after they have four puppens Storm, Pepper, Ember, and Levina

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