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For her love for Fire , Snowy is an actor who is one of the villans in bolts TV show , she fell in love with one of the actors who is Fire , and had some puppies named Zommer  and Flash since Snowys normal owner Rosé is a million air  she lives in a huge pent house that has a lot of diamond items and rare items and that is Fire wants to live with her for the rest of his life and luckily Fires owner fell in love with Rosé and they live a happy life and Fire snowy had there puppies and lived on .

Snowys personality in and out of the showEdit

in show 

She's very sly and likes to fight others and is sneaky when it comes to trapping somebody , and mean .

out of show 

The sweetest thing ever and is loving and street smart , and sometimes hyper .

appearance Edit

she is a light grey and has a an orange eye on the left and a pink eye on the left , her right ear is brown and the left is white , her back right leg is all white and she has freckles on her face and has a white belly and her tail is white .


none at the moment ....