Socks is owned by PitbullLover, so please ask to use her!


Socks is Mittens sister. Like mittens she lived on the street, until Penny found her. She use to have a friend while she was living on the streets named Joclyn, but while looking for food they got separated. When Penny found her it took a few weeks but soon Socks realized that Mittens was her long lost sister.


She has the reverse appearance of mittens. She is mostly white, but she has black socks and a black spot on her nose. She has stunning purple eyes and her ears perk upward. She wears an orange ribbon that represents her collar.


She is a very sweet cat, but has trust issues like Mittens. She loves her family and her sister a lot. She loves to help the people she knows. She is very shy around other people she doesn't know. She's a very quick learner and can adapt to all sorts of situations.


-She doesn't have a crush on anyone yet

-She looks up to Mittens as an older sister even though they're the same age

-She was abandoned as a kitten

-She doesn't fully trust dogs but Bolt helps change her mind about that

-She has this thing about wood-chips, you know the things you put in bunny or hamster cages, that no one really understands

-She goes kind of crazy if she had sugar


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