Spark is a Golden Retriever/husky mix. He has a crush on Scout.

Spark belongs to Chandlerscout on the wiki, otherwise known as ElsaPAWPatrol on DeviantART. You need to ask before you use him!


Spark looks almost exactly like a Golden Retriever with semi-perked ears, a brown lightning bolt near his left back leg, a white stripe going up his muzzle and stopping below the eyes. He wears a forest green collar and has one brown eye and one darkish blue eye.


He's a TV geek, but for some reason thinks that Bolt is pretty weird for thinkink he has superpowers. When he met Scout, it was love at first sight, even though Scout never notices.


Living around the corner from Bolt and Thunder's place, Spark is pretty obnoxious when it comes to walks and fetch. He met Scout when he was at the dog park, seeing her playing with a squeaking snowman toy along with Thunder. He fell head over tail for her, but Scout is skeptical about him wooing her over.


  • I actually do not have a real crush on anyone, but I decided Scout should have one