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About half a year after being adopted and living with Hannah, Lemon runs into Honey. A Sweet golden retriever. after a few months, they confess their love to one another and have puppies. Lola, Gumball, and Pop.

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Lola: Lola is sweet as sugar. She loves to run around and play, but likes to stay at home with her mother. The thing about her is, she loves to sing!

Gumball: Gumball is pretty roudy and loud. He can get quite rambunctious and chews just about everything. He thinks he's this big tough dog, when he's really not. That can be dangerous for a pup of his size.

Pop: Pop is the runt of the litter. He's so tiny, he can hide any where. He has to if he wants to avoid his brother who teases him constantly. He is very sensitive and kind. He is that little soft puppy that melts your heart and makes you want to take him home with you.

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Lola: Lola's fur is lemon colored. Her front two paws are a darker tawny gold color. Her back two paws are an even darker tawny gold color. Her ears are soft and floppy. Her eyes are green. her collar in Mango colored.

Gumball: Gumball is tawny gold colored. His ears are lemon colored and floppy, and his tail is very shaggy and has a brown stripe on it. His eyes are blue and his collar is blueberry blue.

Pop: Pop is Lemon yellow with a white heart mark on his chest. All his paws are white too. His tail is very thin but as soft as velvet. His eyes are almond brown colored. His collar is lilac purple.

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Lola: Wyley

Gumball: Lilly

Pop: Ginger

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  • Lola is very attached to a purple bear her mother gave her.
  • Gumball is very soft-hearted when it comes to creatures smaller than himself.
  • Pop seems to pop out of everywhere.
  • Lola is afraid of the dark and being alone.
  • Gumball is afraid of really big dogs.
  • Pop is afraid of being unwanted.
  • All the pups get adopted by kids on the block except for Lola who stays with her mother and uncle Crash. Gumball gets adopted by a devious 10 year old boy, while Pop gets adopted by a soft-hearted girl that takes very good care of him.

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