These pups belong to Puppylove5 and Cakethewarriorcat.

After a while Typhoon and Cloud have four pups three boys an one girl

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Hurricane: He's all black with a fluffy coat except he has a white diamond on his chest and white thoes. He has his dad's green eyes.


Personalities Edit

Tornado: He's very energetic and along with his brother Hurricane a trouble maker. He's very curious and loves to run around causing Some trouble even it isn't the meaning.

Tsunami: He's the quieter ones of the pups and the most of the time he's shy like his mom but he's also very clumsy like his dad.

Hurricane: like his name says like his brother Tornado he's a troublemaker and a ball of sunshine. He and Tornado are a bit of a duo and he loves to run around and play.

Swirl: She's the sweet and playfull leader of the group and she loves to take care of her siblings and she loves too help.

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Tsunami: He has a crush on Windi


Swirl: She has a crush on Cirrus

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