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Thunder is a female german shepherd with a lightning bolt mark over her shoulder. she's got a light brown body, a darker brown hood that covers her face and her back, continuing up the length of her tail. Her front paws have daker brown socks with tan "fingers". Her muzzle, chest, left ear tip, and tail tip are tan and she has bright golden eyes.

When she gets adopted by Penny, she starts to wear a dark navy-blue collar with a golden, circular tag


Thunder is a bit silent and standoff-ish if she doesn't know you, very snappy and sassy and has a bit of a temper when provoked. Though when getting a bit closer to her, she is very soft on the inside, she just doesn't want to show it. She's very clever and well trained- but has trouble expressing herself when it comes to emotions like sadness. 


Thunder was adopted into a family when she was just a young pup, very happy and naive- growing up with Mittens in their home- until they were both abandoned. Thunder was optimistic and naive at first, thinking they just forgot and would come back for them, but of course, they did not. Thunder became colder towards humans, unable to trust them. Mittens is the only one that Thunder trusts, becoming the Brawn of Mittens' food schemes: while the cat is the brain, hatching up plans to get the pigeons to do her bidding- Thunder is the reinforcement- lurking in the shadows until Mittens brings her in for a little intimidation. She is especially wary of humans and it takes her a while to trust other animals.. It took her forever to get used to Bolt and start to get comfortable with him- which brings me back to this old sketch . When Mittens tells Thunder about Bolt's decision to keep going to find Penny instead of staying in their cardboard homes with just the three of them and Rhino(maybe)- she just breaks inside: feeling like she's being abandoned all over again.

When Penny and Bolt are reunited, Thunder is hesitant when Penny wants to bring her into the family as well, but goes anyway just to be close to Mittens and Bolt- and she ends up slowly getting used to being a pet again. She doesn't really like Rhino- but puts up with him anyways. Thunder gets accustomed to family life and even happily accepts a collar from Penny. She tends to get very anxious when Penny, Mr. Forrester, or Mrs. Forrester leave to go out somewhere, but is very happy when they return. It took her a while to admit her feelings for Bolt, but after an accident with chocolate  they finally admit their feelings for each other and a month later end up having seven pups.


  • She has a crush on Bolt but doesn't know how to say it
  • She's afraid of Abandonment, thunder and lightning, drowning, and heights
  • She has Separation Anxiety and gets sometimes gets distressed when her persons leave.
  • her original design was just like bolt but female and with a different shaped mark...Young me also somehow thought it'd be clever to make her an actual superpup....Nope. Nope younger me, nope.
  • When she was adopted, she cried when she was given a collar. Though she didn't want anyone to see her crying, so she hid underneath the couch 
  • As a stray, she normally didn't like being around humans, but she knew how to use her charms to beg and gain food, as Mittens taught her. But because they were in the city a lot of the time and the humans were bustling around, Thunder felt uncomfortable being around so many people
  • After adopted by Penny, she slowly becomes accustomed back to pet life, but is still wary around other humans, mostly strangers. She does have a slight soft spot for children, if they aren't too grabby and loud
  • Once she's more comfortable and admits her feelings for bolt, they have seven puppies together. Misty , Kaia , Cirrus , Whirlwind , Cyclone , Windi, and Twister.
  • Thunder has a hard time letting her babies go when they were ready to be adopted, but thankfully they were all given homes around the block and Thunder is allowed to see her babies whenever she wants to, the pups often staying over for playdates with their siblings or all of them meet up at the park.  She's happy to have Misty and Kaia at home to stay with them.
  • A while after she has her pups, she meets another dog named Gem  while on walks and finds out that she's her half-sister.
  • If she had a voice she'd be voiced by Nicole Sullivan, known as the voice of Shego from Kim Possible and Drew Saturday from The Secret Saturdays
  • Thunder loves any toy that squeaks. Once she hears a squeak she goes nuts trying to find the source and absolutely loves to continuously squeak the toy until it's either broken or hidden.

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