aka Kara

  • I am Female
  • Beckett~Swan

    • I'm a girl
    • My username on here is Beckett~Swan, but you may know me as Lulu597 on Deviantart (or TwiceOver on Wattpad)
    • I'm a huge fangirl
    • Some of my favorite movies/series/books include The Hunger Games, Bolt (no duh), HTTYD, Supergirl, Captain America, The Fault In Our Stars, Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, The Lion King, Star Wars, The Flash, Percy Jackson, Divergent, The Emporer's New Groove, Castle, and I could keep going but I'll stop there for now
    • I'm a gigantic Disney fan
    • Feel free to call me by any of my usernames (listed above) 
    • My Bolt OC's are Current and Carver (Arrow)
    • I love to RP and am generally always up for an RP
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