Today is my little puppy Lemon's birthday. He is now 4 years old! He even had his little sweetheart Honey come over. I would post a picture of Lemon with his Doggy cake... If he weren't so camera shy and totally messed up all the pictures. 

I've been with Lemon basically his whole life. The first time I met him was soon after my last dog Nico died of a tumor in his brain. My aunt had a new batch of Yellow lab pups, so she called me down and said I could have the pick of the litter. And so, thats when I first laid eyes on my little Lemon. you were the yellowest out of the bunch. I came over every day to take care of my little Lemon, and when he was finally ready to go home with me I jumped for joy.

Now four years later, and he's still as chipper and puppyish as ever, He has a loving mate Honey, and he is soon to be a daddy dog. I'm so proud! But anyways... Happy birthday my little Munchkin!

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