The title is self explanatory, I've looked around and figured there were enough characters to do this so rules:


1) No more than 8 characters (just warning people now, I'm better at dogs than cats but can draw both)

2) they will either be done digitally or on paper, depends how I feel that day

3) Say "bolt!" so I know you read the rules

4) I have 5 slots open

5) since I still have one slot open, you can ask for a second drawing if you want, first come first served


1) Tundrathesnowpup- bolt and thunder snuggling (finished)

2) Cakethewarriorcat- cloud showing penny her new collar

3) Puppylove5- mystic teasing bolt

4) Flavannah-Cooper-Codi- millie and rino

5) Confetiithepartypup- shipping pic of boo and roxy

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