Zap is a purebred German shepherd. He has a crush on Kaia
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Zap is a brown and dark cocoa brown German shepherd with a fiery red collar with a gold tag with his name and address on it. He has a spiky tuft of fur on his head, which grows an inch longer when he's a teen. The insides of his ears are a deep brown and he has three darker cocoa brown "socks" on his paws, slightly a bit taller on his front paws, with chocolate eyes. He also has two sprayed on lightning bolt marks, one on his right shoulder, the other on his left hind leg.


Adventureous, caring and free-spirited, Zap always leaps before he looks. He loves to stick his nose into anything he find interesting, but stays out of interrupting conlversations and butting into them. He and Cirrus, Kaia and Windi are pretty tight with each other, but he Twister and Cyclone are the pups he tends to go off with on adventures. He's very tight with Windi and the others, treating them like siblings, but more loving towards Kaia, due to his crush on her. When pushed to his limit or when his friends are being pick on, he snaps back with words of his own.


Zap was born to a litter of five, three girls and two boys, Zap was the oldest, and the runt, mostly forgotten by his parents and owners until the girl of his dreams showed up. Katie Parks took him home to live with her full grown Dalmatian, Pongo, and streetwise cat, Socks. While out walking, they came across Penny while she was walking Bolt, Thunder and their two pups, immediately falling for Kaia. His adventureous spirit doesn't mix well with Kaia's shyness, but she warms up to him immediately, thus developing a crush on him as she got to know him better. The reason why he has his lighting bolts is because for his love of the BOLT TV show.


  • Tundrathesnowpup allowed me to make him as a crush for Kaia
  • His left back leg he tends to limp slightly on, that's why he tends to walk faster, but always slows down for Kaia and her siblings
  • He was born almost two weeks before Thunder and Bolt's pups, thus being a bit taller
  • Scout calls him "Hotshot", almost all the time, as a special nickname
  • He tends to call Kaia "Kay"

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